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mercredi 8 juin 2011


If not exactly productive (a two-page text and a quotation - and that's it), I did at least get some stuff done today. Let's try and make it seem like I did A LOT, shall we?

1. I finally activated my personal account credit card. Yeah!
2. I "did" the shopping (by which I mean I ordered all my food shopping for the next two weeks via internet last night and had it delivered this morning - paid for with the aforementioned activated credit card).
3. I put the shopping away.
4. I cut up hundreds of tickets for the school fête all afternoon (I'm going to pretend that this is what killed my productivity, but I know I'm fooling no one).
5. I translated a two-page text.
6. I found someone for the text into French, got it sorted, did the quotation for the client, received the translation back and sent both text and quotation to the end client (sounds impressive, huh?).
7. I texted two mothers from school confirming C's presence at a birthday party to one, and L's at another.
8. I did some boring admin stuff for one of my students (it involved printing out a couple of forms, filling them in, scanning them and sending them back. We're talking INTENSE WORK, here).

Gosh, that looks good, right? There are 8 things on that list!

Of course, what you can't see is my "to do" notebook with about 40 other things (I'm not kidding) still to do. But baby steps, baby steps as they say.

So, yeah. I feel like I was kind of useful today. Let's just pretend the uncomfortable and disturbing phonecall with D never happened, shall we?

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