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samedi 16 juillet 2011

Being positive

As yesterday was D's birthday (no, don't panic, I'm not going to go back over all that again), the plan was that he would come and pick them up around 4 (perhaps 4.30... I bet you can see where this is going), take them somewhere, then take them somewhere else for his birthday party before leaving them with his "friend" M for a sleepover.

I hate these sleepovers, but have never refused, so certainly couldn't yesterday.

The girls made their cake (well, C did - L was too ingrossed in fucking Phineas and Ferb, though I can't for the life of me understand what she sees in it as it's essentially the same story every time with a weird platypus bit stuck on at the end), then they decorated it with blue (Smurf blue) icing and a shit ton of sprinkles because L was little heavy-handed with the jar, they packed up their things (forgetting to take their pyjamas, of course), and waited.

D phoned to say there was no way he'd be here at 4, though of course I never actually thought he would be. It was, naturally, past 5 when he finally arrived, and off they went.

I finished up a little work and then... made a strategic decision.

I hate these sleepover things, because much as I can appreciate being alone for an afternoon, say, or during a school day, I hate being here alone at night. And, with the girls potentially going to D's mother's place for 8 days next week, this extra night away just seems like overkill.

But, in a totally uncharacteristic manner, I decided to give myself a night off. To make the most of this night alone. Yeah, positivism!

Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't go out to dinner, or catch up with friends, or go to the cinema, or hit the clubs or anything even remotely like that.

BUT: I had a pizza and Diet Coke for dinner (nothing says "wild Friday night" like junk food on your own!), followed it up with icecream, and spent the entire evening watching TV.

That might well sound like the lamest Friday night ever (and was certainly no match for Kathy Beth Terry's) but you know what? I enjoyed it! I didn't do any of the work I have to do, I didn't do anything "responsible" at all (you know, like handwash the dishes that have been festering in the dishwasher for a week because the water won't drain out of it and I don't know what to do and so now it's all mouldy and foul-smelling), I didn't "do" anything. And I enjoyed it!

I'm not an optimist by nature, so this is a new experience for me!

Baby steps, people, baby steps...

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