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dimanche 10 juillet 2011

A hop and a skip and a jump

Today was better.

OK, when I finally dragged my lazy arse out of bed, the bottle of milk was still sitting on the table, in glorious not-put-back-in-the-fridgeness, and neither C nor L was dressed, and they had been bickering.

BUT - they weren't actively trying to kill each other, no one was crying or whining and they didn't seem to be in horribly bad moods.

Hey, round here, you take what you can get when it comes to positives.

We had lunch - all together, sitting at the same table, with C laying the whole table (and not forgetting anything) and L (eventually) clearing the table. D called to say he wasn't available, I said I would take the girls somewhere.

They wanted to go and see Kung Fu Panda 2, but unfortunately it was too late and we'd never have made the cinema on time (and, given how hot it was today, there was no way I was running up 104 steps to get there quicker). So, I suggested Hop. I know, it got terrible reviews, but the girls watched the trailer and pronounced that yes, they wanted to see it. (They're not stupid: I think they would have agreed to any film at all, to be honest because I don't take them very often and they probably figured if they kicked up a fuss I'd have gone crazy, called them ungrateful and refused to do anything interesting at all. So there is that.)

We saw Hop. No, it wasn't the best film of all time, but it was cute, it was funny, it WASN'T IN 3D (making it worth the price of the ticket for that reason alone) and we all enjoyed it. Maybe we (or I, anyway) just have crap taste in films but I don't know, it wasn't as cringeworthy as some kids' films I've seen and I probably liked it better than, say, Tangled, which still got way better reviews. Make of that what you will.

After that, we went to the nearby park for a while, and then I caved and took the girls for fast food (quite a relief, actually, as I have HAD IT with cooking all the time!).

Once home, they got ready for bed and we played board games for a little while before they went off to bed, reasonably good-humoured for once.

So, the day cost me €40, but we had a good time and they both said "thank you" for taking them out and there weren't too many tears in the course of the day and I consider the day a SUCCESS!


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