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lundi 11 juillet 2011


Hello. My name is Magic27 and I'm a stationery addict.

I know I've mentioned this before, but what the fuck is it about stationery shops? They suck me in and the next thing I know, plastic is being burned and I have a whole slew of new supplies...

Of course, today was "allowed" because today was the day the three of us went and got all the supplies we needed for the new school year. Which doesn't start till 5 September. But seriously? You think I could wait till then? Besides, there were no crowds and plenty of choice. Nah!

I spent a small fortune, and I'm not entirely sure how I managed that. The girls will be reusing a fair amount of stuff from last year (we only needed one school bag, for example) and yet it still came to about €100. That's extortionate, no?

But never mind. It was glorious, and I resisted temptation and only bought one thing for me - a new school-year diary - and even that was something I actually need. Fortunately, we didn't go upstairs to the arts and crafts supplies (that's my total, total weakness).

There's just something so deliciously yummy about a new notebook - empty pages of silky paper, waiting to be covered in scribbles and notes and ideas. Or a new pen, with all that ink at the ready. And there's so much beautiful stationery out there nowadays... I could spend a fortune on notebooks alone (even though I rarely actually need notebooks for anything and even the ones I buy tend to lie unused in a pile next to my desk...).

As addictions go, I'm pretty sure it's harmless. It's legal, for one thing, and much cheaper than drugs, alcohol and gambling. It's also potentially useful (up to a point).

I'm not ashamed of my addiction. Au contraire, même.


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