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lundi 21 avril 2014

AtoZ Challenge: O... for Orange.

Orange is one of my favourite colours, one of my favourite fruits and a pretty town in southern France, not far from Avignon (,_Vaucluse).

Orange is a happy colour, which might make it a surprising choice of favourite colour for someone as glass-half-empty as I am (it isn't actually my favourite colour, that's yellow, which is even happier), but I have loved bright, vibrant, happy colours ever since I was a child - a child dressed by her mother in the drabbest of dark greens, dark blues, dark browns because redheads can't wear bright colours. This is something I absolutely do not agree with, but my mother was adamant and I believed her, moving only into purple and turquoise as a teenager. It wasn't till my days as a student that I broke free of the dark colours and moved into brightness...

The fruit is everything I like in a fruit - sweet yet slightly acid, full of juice, easy to peel. When I was younger, with friends I used to inject oranges with vodka, put them in the fridge for a few hours and then go and enjoy them down at the beach - heavenly!

The town isn't somewhere I've actually visited, but I've seen pictures of it and the Roman amphitheatre is pretty damn impressive, I must say. It's near Avignon (which I have visited, and very much enjoyed), so the surrounding countryside must be lovely. And it's in the south, so it must have a decent climate. There was a time - back in 1995 - when the Front National, France's extreme right-wing party, ran the town, and even now, the mayor comes from an extreme right party (just not the same one), so that kind of puts me off it a little, but I can't deny it it's prettiness.

Sorry for this disjointed post, I'm really tired tonight...

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