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dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Down in the dumps. Literally.

Today went OK, I don't really have anything to complain about: I've no idea what time the girls got up (though I suspect it wasn't very early) as they very sweetly got themselves breakfast and did some colouring till I emerged at 10.30...

There were some tussles about doing things, and doing things when I ask, but basically it was OK. They didn't help at all (I did laundry, dishes, cooking, putting clothes away, laying the table, clearing the table...) but we made it out by 2.45 this afternoon, and I consider that alone a victory.

Nice enough afternoon. Went to a Christmas Market-type thing near the Préfecture, where there were old-fashioned wooden games, a few stalls and a make-up tent. C got made up as the Wind Fairy and L as a Princess-Fairy type thing. They looked so beautiful!

Had pancakes for tea, came home and managed to get through most of the evening without too much trauma.

And now, I'm about to go and sit on the floor, surrounded by all the mess, so I can start to get to grips with it. This place is a total dump (of our own making) and here I am, sititng right in it.

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