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dimanche 7 décembre 2008

A Fun Day Out

And it was, actually. Well, most of it, anyway.

In bed at 3.30 last "night" (had to make a cake for today's lunchtime extravaganza, and totally forgot till about 1 am), up at 7.30. Felt great (not).

Got both girls up, dressed, breakfasted (sort of), toothbrushed and ready by 8.30, took L to our neighbours upstairs (they had to take her to her circus class for 9.30) then took C to her English class, also at 9.30 but right the other side of the city.

Dropped off C and the cake, went back into town, bought batteries for the camera, had a quick breakfast and picked up L at 10.30, then hurtled back - figuratively out of breath for it was a CLOSE RUN THING - to where C was for the End-of-Term-Christmas-Show at 11 (which was very good) followed by a free-for-all buffet lunch at 12.

"Father Christmas" (the youngest one I've ever seen) showed up at 1 and handed out chocolates to the kids, they all played together for a while, and at about 2 we hit the road, back into town.

Wandered briefly through the Christmas market (not the one at school for which I've committed to making LOTS OF STUFF, but the official, Montpellier one) and then headed up to the temporary icerink installed at the end of the Esplanade.

Both girls got skates (though L soon gave up after falling on her bottom twice), whilst C, though not exactly fearless, nevertheless stayed on the ice for about an hour. By which time I was starting to feel like I'd died, so we went for tea, went through the shopping centre and eventually came home.

The various meltdowns started not long after (chronic fatigue), ending with me screeching (yet again), but eventually all calmed down, we had a nice supper and I finally got the girls to bed at around 8.45, which isn't bad.

I then sat zombie-like on the sofa and watched the election of Miss France 2009 (Miss Albigeois-Midi Pyrenees, quite pretty actually) whilst cramming crisps down my gullet till I felt sick.

And now, yet again, it's 1.45 am and I feel pretty perky. Might even do a few more tree decorations for the school Christmas market...

Quite a good day, but I'm going to have to hope and pray that the girls sleep LAAAATTTTE tomorrow morning...

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