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samedi 6 décembre 2008

You'll all be glad to know that HRF (His Royal Felineness) Tom is back to his old tricks - lots of sleeping, lots of optimism regarding food (ie, every time anyone goes into the kitchen, he follows and miaows pathetically, though obviously he's often disappointed). I'm so relieved! Of course, he won't let me look at his mouth and the antibiotic-in-the-morning gag is well, let's just say it's "fun" and leave it at that.

Apart from that, this is set to be a tough weekend - D's gone to Paris and I'm on my own. I know it's only a weekend, and the girls are hardly babies (C will be 7 in 3 weeks, L is more than 4 and a half), and that millions of single-parents do this ALL THE TIME (oh, how I admire you guys!). But I'm not used to it, and I have a shitload of stuff to do, and I'd really like to sleep for say, two whole days...

BUT. For once, for the first time since God knows when, I don't actually have any WORK to do this weekend. Well, I have translation exams to mark for my students, but only 11, and there's no rush (yet), so I'm choosing to ignore that.

So perhaps I can get other stuff done: this evening, I made 5 (yes! 5!) Christmas tree decorations for the school Christmas market (and yes, I promised 20, plus 50 truffles and possibly 20 gifts tags too. And yes, I'm totally OUT OF MY TINY). And I made a cake (lemon! with green lime frosting! with coconut "snow" on top! to make it look Christmassy!) this evening for an end-of-term-type thing tomorrow lunchtime.

Oh, and I also ate a lot of crisps and - just to complete my healthy campaign - a lot of truffles (not homemade, a "free gift" I got with some mail order stuff I picked up today). And now I feel really, really sick.

And it's 2.45 am and I still have to clean the kitchen and get everything ready for tomorrow morning (up at 7.30!).

As I said, this could definitely be a tough weekend.

Yet for some reason, I'm kind of looking forward to it!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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