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samedi 3 janvier 2009

Plus ça change...

So, here we are at the end of the second day of the new year already...

It's a good job I didn't really make any resolutions, as all the things that would probably have been on the list have already gone down the toilet...

Viz: it's 2.44 am, I'm not in bed, I'm still working, I got up at midday today and I am, as I type, eating my way through a pack of sweets I don't really like just because they're there. I've done nothing even remotely resembling exercise (and am unlikely to do anthing about that till my Tai chi class starts up again on Thursday) and have eaten vast amounts of food over the holidays.

Oh, and I've been pretty snarky and impatient with the girls on occasion, too.

"Wife"* and Mother of the Year and it's only 3 January.

Don't know how I do it, I really don't.

But tomorrow we're going to Mare Nostrum, Montpellier's funky new aquarium (complete with simulated boat-in-a-storm, plus real sharks and penguins!), and on Sunday friends (one of whom is the girls' godfather) are coming round to celebrate C's birthday a week late because they've been away. So I'm not down in the dumps or anything, just somewhat disgusted that I can't even take advantage of the new year to change my stupid ways.

Oh, and the text I'm translating right now is so hard, so dull and so obscure (something to do with safety testing in a nuclear power plant, but I'll be damned if I've understood any more than that) that I just want to send it back to my client and say "sorry, I can't be arsed to do this one, hope you find someone else to translate your 12,000 words by 7 January!", even though I know I won't do that and will stay up till dawn trying to finish the damn thing.

It also looks like the new year hasn't brought an end to my hopelessly long and complex sentences either!

Anyway, I hope your 2009 has got off to a rocking good start and that it continues in the same fashion till 31 December!

* Of course, D and I aren't married, though we've been "together" (including during a very rough first year) since April 1996, which is so long it's kind of scary. Especially when you compute in what my "love life" was like before that (a scarce few, mostly depressing, one-night-stands, lots of unrequited love), but that's a whole different story!

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