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jeudi 23 avril 2009


Can you believe this is my 100th post? I feel like I should be doing something special, but can't think of anything special to do... Maybe I'll come back to this and celebrate a random number when I've come up with something...


Our short week in Arles was nice, my father's visit was nice (C and L had such fun playing with him!), I'm still stressed and freaked about my tax forms (stuff still not found, the on-line declaration thingy isn't working, e-mails for assistance are unanswered...), I have a shitload of stuff to do for L's upcoming (SUNDAY - gah) 5th birthday party (not to mention we're supposedly holding it at a park and Sunday is the only day this week with THUNDER promised and the park is about 20 minutes from our place and we still don't have a car and our flat is small and I really, really don't feel like entertaining 15 kids (15!) here on Sunday and maybe I should use some punctuation once in a while too), and well, you know.

No car. Such a bummer.

No money, even worse.

And my Challenge? Well, I'm pretty behind in my "40 things before I'm 40", but other than that, and apart from 2 packets (30 g each) of crisps, I've done pretty well. Haven't bought any clothes at all, haven't eaten crappy food, my desk is sort of tidy (though my paperwork is still a total disaster), I've been looking after my skin and I remembered to send a birthday card to a friend from years ago. I feel quite proud of myself.

That said, I have an awful lot of challenges to find (I'm on Day 15 and only have 5 down in print so far)...

Here we go:
Day 6: I'm going to get my hair cut in an attempt to make me feel better about the way I look (it'll take more than that, believe me, but it'll be a start)
Day 7: I'm going to keep my nails pretty this summer (polished, yes, but redone when needed, not just waiting till all the varnish has chipped off)
Day 8: I'm going to get myself a check-up - if nothing else to deal with all the god-awful sneezing
Day 9: I'm going to get my "memory box" up and running. Unsurprisingly (stationery freak that I am), I've already bought the box itself, now I just have to get my memories together and put them in... And, being a total packrat, I suspect I might need more than one box...
Day 10: I'm going to order some stuff from a catalogue (no, not clothes - "beauty products" ha! ha!) so that I can get their free gift - an exercise strap thing, and I'm going to try and use it regularly
Day 11: I have to find a way to drop hints for D (and not too subtle hints at that) as what I want for my birthday (a spa day when we're on holiday near Biarritz in July)
Day 12: I really want to sort out all our book shelves - there's no order at all, so books (given that we must have over 1,000) are almost impossible to find, and I want to put them by type of book, not in alphabetical order
Day 13: I want to get my photos sorted out, too, and put the decent paper versions in nice albums to show the girls as they get older
Day 14: I'm going to try to stop sleeping during the day (which basically means not going to bed after, say, 1 am - tonight is going to be tough, it's already 12.50 am and I haven't had my shower yet...)
and finally
Day 15: I'm really going to try and do my accounts at least quarterly (instead of waiting till one month before tax declaration day and then having to do one year's accounts in one sitting).

Wow, I'm going to be such a changed person!

So, have to go and have my shower really quickly (I've also promised to take the girls to school tomorrow, so I've got to be up and dressed by 8.20 anyway) so I can be in bed not too much after 1 am...

And 100 posts. Wow. I'm impressed with myself!

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