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lundi 13 avril 2009


Yup, that's how I feel.

My list of things to do is still depressingly long, whilst the time left to finish it all is still depressingly (and increasingly - funny, that) short.

Did a whole shitload of stuff today, it's just that most of it wasn't even on the goddamn list in the first place. D was moderately helpful, though I could have done without his "yoga session in the bedroom for an hour" as it meant I had to prepare the (admittedly delicious) lamb roast, ratatouille and potatoes when I would have preferred to get on with my proofreading (still not finished, still over half left God help me).

And I did a little more of my accounts but still haven't found my bank statements for May so am seriously fucked. Can't believe how disorganised I've been. Hence my Challenge, I guess.

Speaking of which...

Day 5: I'm going to try and keep in touch with my friends and family a bit better. This should be easier than some of the others, except of course that I'm lazy and let things slide. But now that I'm (aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh) turning 40, I need to strengthen the ties, to give my daughters something to hold on to...

Anyway. We'll see how I get on. As for the other Challenges, well, I did eat 2 Cadbury's Creme Eggs this evening (heaven in a foil wrapper), but D was present so I don't think I've failed as such...

Plus my father arrived and has been suitably set upon by C and L, who seem to use him mainly as some kind of acrobatics equipment (don't know how he stands it!). They are pleased to see him, though, and have been having a lot of fun, so that's cool.

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