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dimanche 17 mai 2009

On the verge...

...of a new decade.

Technically, it's going to be my birthday in precisely one minute (oops, no, the clock on my computer's just changed... Happy Birthday to me!), though in real terms the "main event" was actually today.

D tried to organise a surprise "party", and succeeded up to a point, except that today is Sunday (which means that just about everything's shut here in France) so he had to admit yesterday that a couple of friends and their son would be coming to lunch. Which was true. But what he did manage to keep secret was the various other friends and neighbours who popped in in the course of the afternoon.

I was thoroughly spoiled (two (very different) bouquets of flowers, a plant, a little bag, a wooden cat, a pair of pearl earrings), D. put together a lovely lunch and bought a fabulous cake, the girls had fun (even though they had to go to another party half way through) and I was delighted to have so many people come to wish me well for my birthday. I feel very lucky!

Of course, I'm pretty behind in my challenge, but just in case you've all been losing sleep, here are the last 4 anyway:
Day 37: Very boringly, sort out my (hundreds) of credit card receipts.
Day 38: Put our crockery and cutlery in order (so many different sets, all free gifts from mail order catalogues, some nice, some not...).
Day 39: Take more photos, document our life a little more, a little better. For the girls' future.
Day 40: Try and enjoy myself more, let myself go a little, go out, have fun, see friends, go to the cinema. Live my life!

That's it for now, but I'll try and be back later today with more thoughts on turning 40, leaving my 30s behind and what have you.

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