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mercredi 30 mars 2011


I may not be a Martha Stewart type (not much doubt there), and L's rabbit tail-pompom will most likely not survive an entire afternoon of carnivalling at school tomorrow, but for now, it's attached to her trousers!

I even have a photo - with 30 cm ruler to give you an idea of the SIZE of this thing - of my beloved carrot!
Is that not the best giant felt carrot you've ever seen? Even if it is the ONLY giant felt carrot you've ever seen?

I would post pictures of the girls, but I'm still wary of putting actual pictures, recognisable images, of the girls "out there" on the internet. S,o sorry, but you're not being treated to that (though they look incredibly cute - we did a dress rehearsal with make-up and everything and the results were pretty good!).

Instead, you can have yet another picture of the world's most adorable cat:

Such a poser!

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