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samedi 26 mars 2011


I think I'm slowly losing my mind. I don't know if it's the chronic lack of sleep (and constant, constant desire to go get horizontal under the duvet), the fact that I'm drowning in a paradoxical situation of oceans of words to translate - all of which will be paid some time in the future - and rivers of debt, or just middle age but seriously. Seriously. Right now? I have the attention span of a 1 year old, the will power of a jelly-like-thing-with-no-will-power and the discipline of a... of a... whatever doesn't have any discipline. Lindsay, perhaps? (Is she really famous enough to be able to go just by her first name? I guess she's lucky there aren't that many "stars" called Lindsay - don't know what she'd've done if she'd been called Jennifer or something. I digress). Whatever. You get the drift. Discipline, I don't have much of it.

And it feels like I'm insane. I have a shitload of stuff to do this weekend, I should have been working my arse off all week - and, whilst I have done a huge number of words this week, I know - KNOW - I both COULD and SHOULD have done a fuck load more - and all I can do is watch videos on YouTube, read blogs, waste time on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

This is going to be a hell of a weekend.

And my "To Do" list reads like something someone insane would write, too: aside from the shitload of words to translate (and by "shitload" I mean about 6,000 a day, which is HUGE), I have to prepare a picnic for Sunday lunch, then go on said picnic and following stroll around the botanical gardens; I have to buy cat food; I have to buy fruit and vegetables from the market (my MIL's paranoia about Japanese radioactive cloud fallout nonwithstanding); I have to tidy the hell up of the sitting room; I have to clean the bathroom and the cooker; I have to do laundry; I have to make a large pink pompom and giant felt carrot for L's carnaval costume (rabbit, in case you hadn't guessed - at least we already have the ears) and I have correspondence to deal with - invoices, postcards (I've joined PostCrossing! Such fun - 2 of my cards have arrived already, one in Holland, the other in the US), e-mails, plus telephone calls...

I mean seriously? Is there anyone who could look at that list and think, "Yeah, that seems reasonable for 2 days..."? And it doesn't even include the totally normal stuff - brushing the girls' hair, preparing meals, dealing with the dishwasher, preparing school bags, supervising homework...


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