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vendredi 25 mars 2011


Can't stop thinking about things-events-conversations-people from the past; even having dreams about them. Am starting to realise that I was probably happier than I've ever been back when I was a student, except that back then I was so up my own arse that I didn't know it. Oh, and except for my totally disastrous "love life" (ha! ha! ha! what a joke...) of course.

Still totally freaked out by money (or lack of it), work (or too much of it) and love (growing need for it) but that's life. That's my life, this life, anyway.

At least I have the memories of those (now that I think about it though it didn't seem so at the time) carefree days back when I was young...

Here's to you all - "inner circle" and "outer circle", all still in my heart, my memories. You were great, we were great, it was the best of times, the very best of times.


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