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lundi 6 juin 2011


I can't believe (or rather yes, I can but hate to) that it's once again 4.39 am and I'm still up, writing this crap. Even my cat is now completely out of phase with reality - he's miaowing for his breakfast (or possibly another midnight snack - cat likes to eat).

It all started with a quick look at my Facebook page. And there, there was a message from a friend (dare I call her that? We've never actually met, but I feel we could be friends, we exchange messages. Is that friendship in this modern world?) asking how, living in France, you can watch American stuff via the internet. I was hooked: I've been trying to do this for months, without success: streaming doesn't work (you need to be in the US), sites claiming to do this don't work...

One of the answers gave a link to another site, one I hadn't heard of and thus hadn't tried. My curiosity was piqued. I have no self-discipline. I clicked the link.

After downloading the odd doodad or two, I found myself stunningly able to watch episodes of Glee, directly on the computer, for free (not downloaded, you have to pay for that).

As I said, I have no self-discipline. So of course I watched the first 3 episodes in season 2, one after the other (with a frustrating - and so far inexplicable - technical hitch between 2 and 3, making me "waste" about half an hour).

Then, just as I was about to shut up "shop" (ha!) for the night, I decided to check my e-mails. And lo and behold! A message from a student reminding me that I'd promised her her work back by 6 June. Had I corrected her work? Hell, I hadn't even downloaded it...

So I had to do that (luckily, she's a pretty good student so it didn't take long). And it reminded me that I'd promised another student a text to translate either today (Sunday) or tomorrow. And of course I didn't have one ready, so I had to do that too. And send it.

Which is why it is now 4.47 am and I am only just finished for the "day". And I have to be up again in less than 3 hours.

I have a feeling that tomorrow (today) is going to be another great day.

I also have to try and stop starting sentences with "and" - Mrs Sharrock, a wonderful English teacher I had back in secondary school (she used to sneak out of class on the pretext of fetching something so she could smoke a cigarette... unsurprisingly, she died of lung cancer years ago. But she was a great teacher and I learned a lot from her) would kill me...

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I use for not food related shows.