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dimanche 5 juin 2011


I have rarely been so glad to have had nothing planned at all for this 5-day weekend... The weather has been unbelievably craptastic, with Wednesday kind of grey and cold and windy and threatening rain, Thursday grey and cold and windy and actually raining, Friday grey and cold and windy and sometimes raining (can you see a pattern emerging here?) and yesterday - Saturday duh - grey and cold, with a mammoth thunderstorm ALL MORNING (and the torrential rain that goes with that) plus ordinary rain most of the afternoon, then back to grey and cold and windy and threatening rain.

People, this is the SOUTH OF FRANCE and it is JUNE. It has been hot in England and Paris, it's hot on the east coast of the US, it's probably hot in fucking Lapland... but not here.

I was so sure that the good weather season had arrived - we'd had a fair stretch of hot, sunny days. But no. Back to crap.

So it's only fitting that I've got fuck all done this weekend and have felt down in the dumps and miserable. It might be because I've been stupid, staying up till dawn watching Mad Men DVDs and reading FaceBook and Twitter; it might be because I'm lazy; it might be because I played Lego games with the girls (though it would be pretty mean-spirited of me to blame that as that hardly took up much time at all).

But no. I'm not blaming it on any of those things. I'm British, this is my birthright: I'm blaming it on the weather.

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