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vendredi 17 juin 2011

The longest day

I know, I know, this isn't technically the longest day of the year, but I wasn't actually talking about sun hours or the like.

No, today is the annual, end-of-year school fête and extravaganza.

As a member of the Parents' Association, I'm actively involved, and my involvement starts at 8.30 this morning, when I'll be setting up the various games (drawing chalk lines, preparing equipment...), then moving (seemingly endless numbers of) tables, cutting up melons, making sandwiches, etc., along with a small army of other parents willing to give up their Friday morning.

The school closes at 11.45, so I'll bring the girls home, try and find something to feed them, have a quick shower and then head back to school at about 2.30.

The fête part of the day starts at 3.30 and goes on till 5.30. After that, I'll be helping put all the games away till next year.

And then, at 6, the "shows" start, each class performing some kind of choreography. The first batch are the kindergarteners, then there's an hour's break, and finally, at about 8 the primary kids start. L's class are dancing to the theme music from Pirates of the Caribbean and are dressed (of course) as pirates, C's class are dancing to "Everybody needs somebody" from The Blues Brothers.

The shows usually finish around 10, and then I'll be staying to help with the general clear-up.

I'm guessing it'll be midnight by the time we make it home, tired but happy (as they say).

This event is much-looked forward to and is mightily impressive. And I must admit to be kind of excited for it myself, even if it involves more than 15 hours' participation on my part...

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