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jeudi 16 juin 2011

One of those days

You know what it's like. Your alarm goes off in the morning, and it all goes downhill from there.

I mean, this hasn't (by any means) been a BAD day, just a frustrating one, a day in which I feel like I've walked a hundred miles and done a thousand things but have actually achieved pretty much nothing. Nothing I intended to do, anyway.

Let's ignore the fact that I got up at 5 this morning (I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so decided to just fuck it and get up anyway), although of course tiredness probably played a part in the frustrating-ness of today.

I prepared for an oral exam (not me - I was part of the jury), correcting the student's work, etc. A positive - though bone-crushingly dull - start. I got the girls up and ready for school, which is always a somewhat fraught process, and got them to school on time.

I came home and did some paperworky stuff and then headed off for the exam, getting home at 11.30.

I spent over an hour sifting through the detritus on, around, on the floor beside and shelf above my desk, looking for a specific document. I did eventually find it, but all those areas remain a mess and nothing's been properly sifted. BECAUSE I SUCK AT TIDYING. But I did find what I was looking for, so I suppose there's that.

Then I spoke to D on the phone because I needed a document he has (all this is to enrol the girls in a week-long sports day camp in July). And which he CAN'T FIND.

First major frustration.

So, I set off to do the enrolling, even though one important document was missing, and trekked all the way across the city, on foot and by tram.

I got to the address displayed the most prominently on the web site (address, map...), only to learn that a) I wasn't in the right place and b) the right place is in fact even FURTHER away, in a totally different direction again. By then, I'd missed my time slot AND didn't have time to get there and back by school time, so I now have another appointment next week.

Second major frustration.

The actual address is on the site, but there's no map and it isn't nearly as prominent as the wrong one (which is where the camp takes place, in fact, but not the organisation's offices). I'm pretty pissed off, I can tell you.

Then I had to go spend more money on yet another birthday present (both girls are invited to different parties this Saturday) and rush back to pick up the girls.

You see? Not a bad day at all, but it's now 7 pm and I've still done basically nothing. This means I've got work to do this evening, but of course I'm exhausted and all I actually want to do is sleep...

Plus, tomorrow is the school end-of-year extravaganza. I'll be at school all morning, setting up the various games, moving tables, getting stuff ready (not on my own, of course, but it's pretty intense work all the same), then have the girls home for lunch, spend the afternoon at the school fete and the evening watching the shows and clearing up. I won't get home till about midnight I should think.

So, yeah. I really don't feel like working tonight. Just sleeeeeeeeeping.

Sorry. This has been really, really boring, hasn't it? I'll try and do better tomorrow!

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