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mercredi 15 juin 2011

Spineless but excited

I trust you all know me well enough now to have guessed that I gave in to the temptation...

Yup, the girls and I are heading to Genoa this summer for 5 days of fun and games. I booked the hotel very early this morning and the three of us went to get our train tickets this afternoon.

I know I'm taking a financial risk (to be honest, I was surprised that my credit card didn't get rejected...), but to hell with it. I need a break, I need to get away from the stress and strain of this life, I need a change of air. And I am now sooooo excited!

I spent a while last night surfing sites about what to do in Genoa and there are some really cool things - the aforementioned aquarium, but also a whole "village" down by the harbour - biosphere, museum of the sea, humming bird forest, science museum for children - plus the old town and it's cathedral, palaces...

I CAN'T WAIT, people!

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